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Edwin Piers

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  • How to Make Good Friends

    Living in a modern technological society, human relation interaction has changed forever: from families who can now connect through Skype to Facebook friends who we really don’t know much about. But, we have to wonder every once in a while “How is it possible that I have 500+ friends on Facebook, but none to hang out with?” If we think about it, we can see that having good friends is a hard enterprise that requires some depth, and much more…

  • What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming and How Does It Work to Make You Succeed in Whatever You Do

    Think about this scenario… Has there been any time in your life where you decided to quit a negative lifestyle – maybe a bad behavior – and embark on living a healthier positive one…only to find out you have repeated that same old behavior unconsciously? Repeating an old behavior, have you ever wondered why? Negative behaviors and bad feelings seem to be stronger than the logical reasoning from your conscious mind. So when behaviors are generated and stored in your…

  • Most Common Cancer in WOMEN — How to Prevent and Take Care of It

    The most common cancer for women of all races in the United States is breast cancer. This includes both invasive and non-invasive types. It affects more than twice as many women as the second most common form, lung cancer. It is essential that women understand how to prevent breast cancer, how to screen for it, and how to treat it if it is diagnosed. How to Prevent Breast Cancer *To prevent cancer, the key is to avoid risk factors and…