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Month: August 2018

  • What Do Celebrities Wear Casually?

    The red carpet with all its flashiness and glamour from raving-and-screaming fans wanting autographs and selfies with their favorite stars of the evening. How indeed perplexing? While that may be so, this obsession with pop culture and celebrity life is undeniable in modern era. Some would consider that obsession as mere curiosity in justification for caring about what celebrities say and do; however, the biggest takeaway for these curious ones is how celebrities present themselves. Yes, you’ve thought right. Fashion....

  • Building an A-Team from Scratch for Your Business and Project

    When starting a successful business or any type of project, you can’t do everything by yourself so will require you to have other people on board to give you a helping hand. Regardless of how skilled you think you are, there will always be someone else out there better at doing what you need to get done, plus it is an inefficiency of your time and resources to focus on what you’re barely good at when you can devote entirely...