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Month: July 2015

  • What is Conventional and Alternative Medicine — How to Use Them Complementarily

    Have you heard about those poor unfortunate souls who are on 18 different pharmaceuticals—12 to treat their illnesses, and six to treat the side effects from the first 12? Such absurd practice has got to stop. This is where you come in. You are smarter and wiser. Please understand that while it may be called “alternative” medicine, you should (at least in most cases) not consider it to be an alternative but rather a potential PRIMARY option. Shift from Conventional...

  • How to Be an Intellectual

    It takes less physical energy to drive to work. Perhaps, it is even more pleasant, time-saving and convenient than walking. In fact, it is no big deal. But do you know that you aren’t going to be expending physical energy if you drive everywhere you go or spend your life being driven by an unmanned vehicle? What’s the point we’re trying to get at? Your muscles will become stale over time, and your physical condition will eventually grow weaker and...

  • What is Personal Development — How to Improve Yourself

    H4444ave you ever accepted the hard-to-swallow fact that there may be an area in your life that is not where you want it to be? Maybe, you see weakness or emptiness and want to improve upon it. Whether you want to improve your relationship with other people, get in shape, manage your anger or stress, change the status quo and become the best that you can be, you MUST enter the realm of self-help to achieve these goals. The aim...

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